The Just 4 Us Foundation (JFUF) was established by Ms. Andree M. Harris, in 2009.  The original purpose was to provide specialized activities and services that were accessible to children and adults with special needs  and to foster positive community involvement.   Ms. Harris is a mother to special needs children and an adult.   She has fostered and mentored many youths.  She understands all too well whether a child falls on the autistic spectrum, has a developmental or cognitive delay,  physical impairments, or struggles,   he/she should be given opportunities to participate in programs and have a quality of life.  Ms. Harris continually finds ways and resources that will impact the lives of the people that JFUF serves.  To date, JFUF has impacted over 800 participants. 

Important Core Value “Community-Focused” .
We are the gateway between the communities that we serve and the help that we provide by raising awareness through support, encouragement involvement, and guidance. We build and maintain strong relationships with other community organizations and service providers, thus affording the families we serve an opportunity to broaden their local resource base.



Executive Director
Andree has served the special needs and at-risk community for over 21 years.  She is a Certified Wheelchair Dance Instructor and a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor.  As an multi-award winning actress and filmmaker, she incorporates the arts into their programs.  She spearheads the I Can Too programs. 


Pt Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth is 2nd-year college student who is studying to be a dental hygenist. Elizabeth has an older brother with and a younger sister with special needs.  She has worked as a  volunteer for JFUF for 4 years.


Bridgette brings to JFUF over 25 years experience in the non-profit sector.  She served as the former Board Secretary.  Bridgette is responsible for overseeing programs and creating cirriuculum for upcoming programs, as well as maintaining program data.  Bridgette is also responsbible for bridging the gap between the community and participants.  She hosts connfersnces and workshops women, and teens.



Trymane Wes-Lee Aleaxander

Trymane volunteered with JFUF for many years. He was responsible for teaching the youth in the afterschool and weekend programs.   Trymane has overcome many obstacles and challenges in his life.  In lieu of having cerebral palsy, he was unable to attend his neighborhood schools because they didn’t offer the services that he needed, nor did they provide the social envoironment that he desired to be a part of.  Trymane is a social butterfly and is full of life.  He founded the  Educated Tees Movement to advocate the importance of equliaty, inclusion and respect within our society. 


Rochelle Harrod

Rochelle Harrod is a long-standing supporter JFUF. She holds a master’s degree in Counseling and bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trinity Washington University. Rochelle never allowed her disability to hinder her career or educational goals. She is a former Ms. Wheelchair DC, who is deeply passionate about showing individuals how to navigate the system and get the services they need . For the last 11 years, she has served as an Independent Living Specialist for the Residents of Prince George’s County at Independence Now . Independence Now is a community partner to JFUF. In her spare time, she loves to sell Avon, Paparazzi Jewelry, and Party lite Candles. She is also responsible for all on-line fundraisers.

Jeannine Haywood

Jeannine has been in the finace field for over 30 years.  Prior to Covid-19. She volunteered her weekends with JFUF.  She and her daughter supported Ms. Harris during the inception of JFUF. She replaced her husband as the treasurer.  She also host financial literacy workshops via online.